How do you envision Bremen years from now?

• Will it be a town characterized by forests and scenic views as it is today?
• Will the ponds be clean and fit for swimming, fishing and boating?
• Will there still be a working waterfront?
• Or will the forests and fields have given way to house lots, and lobster boats replaced by yachts?

Undoubtedly most Bremen residents prefer the first scenario. Many people choose to live in Bremen for its scenic beauty and rural way of life. We often assume that beauty and way of life will exist forever. But, population growth is accelerating along Mid-Coast Maine, accompanied by increased development and sprawl. We need to make sound choices now if we want to conserve lands and open space in Bremen for tomorrow. To help make those choices, the Bremen Conservation Commission has prepared a Conservation Plan for Bremen.

The Conservation Plan is available below. There are two documents, a Summary of the Plan, and the Conservation Plan. You may not want to download the summary (8 pages, with lots of photographs) if you have a slow internet connection. You may view the entire Conservation Plan at once (41 pages), or, if you have a slow internet connection, download each piece of the document separately.

Bremen Conservation Plan Summary
Bremen Conservation Plan

Bremen has wonderful trails for birding; hiking; kayaking and just relaxing.  These trails are maintained by the Bremen Conservation Commission.

Bremen List of Hiking Trails
Pemaquid Pond Trail Guide

BCC Members

Virginia Betts
Terry Marsh
Juanita Roushdy, Chairperson
Christa Thorpe
Mary Voskian
Ann Nesslage

Mary Berger, Associate Member
Vacant, Associate Member

Bremen Conservation Meetings:  1st Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the Bremen Library

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